Reading and Literacy

This theme addresses reading and literacy development in a range of contexts: reading to learn, reading in digital environments, reading in and out of school, and reading for personal enrichment. Literacy is multi-modal, including traditional literacy as well as visual literacy, media literacy, technological literacy, and information literacy.

Reading and Literacy – Articles

Lu, Y.-L. (2009). Engaging students with summer reading: An Assessment of a collaborative high school reading program. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 50(2), 90-106.

This study examines the impact of students’ active involvement in a collaborative project to reform a high school summer reading program. It takes place in an American high school, grades nine through twelve. A stratified random sample of 288 students and eleven teachers ensured representation of students from each of three ability groupings. Data were collected through student surveys and teacher interviews. Findings show that students attributed different types of cognitive, psychological, and social learning to this collaborative summer reading program.

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Reading and Literacy – Research Studies

Delaware Summer Reading Research
Dr. Carol Gordon, in collaboration with the Delaware Department of Education, replicated the Barnstable Summer Reading study in two technical high schools in Delaware. The students created their own summer reading website, with input from a pre-summer survey of 524 students. The website contained social networking tools in addition to several illustrated and annotated reading lists. A post-survey was conducted to establish the effects of the web-based program on students’ reading attitudes and behaviors.

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