Research at CISSL

The Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (CISSL) scholars are actively engaged in research programs that center on the information seeking and use behaviors of young people as they live and learn and grow in today’s information and technology rich world. This research has a number of foci:

  • to understand the complex dynamics of student learning and knowledge construction in the information age school
  • to understand how learning in an information age school is enabled and demonstrated by school library programs
  • to understand how inquiry-based learning can contribute to educational success and workplace readiness
  • to understand how young people engage with their information worlds beyond school: their everyday life information seeking and use
  • to understand the reading and literacy context of school

Research Objectives

  1. Pursue research that includes the above themes.
  2. Disseminate research findings in a variety of forums and contexts, including an international research symposium, CISSL’s website, and publishing initiatives
  3. Provide opportunities for doctoral students to nurture their scholarly growth through engagement with CISSL’s research;
  4. Engage scholars in an internationally collaborative research agenda.